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Petra Magoni and Ferruccio Spinettilittle_wonder_cd


Petra Magoni and Ferruccio Spinetti release the album “Little Wonder” under the Warner label, on 31 March.

Two years after their previous album, the duo Musica Nuda are back on the international music scene with a new project that places a seal on a success-studded 12-year-long career.

The title aptly summarises what Musica Nuda are: a little wonder. There’s no arrogance in the choice of the title – Petra and Ferruccio explain – but rather a rediscovery of the uniqueness of what we do, with the same excitement today as at the beginning of our path as artists. “Little Wonder” is also, and maybe especially, a treat we have allowed ourselves.


True. “Little Wonder” comes as a natural response to the desire to rediscover the intimate dimension that is the essence of this duo: Petra and Ferruccio, vocals and double bass.

Recorded in Tuscany on a theatre stage in San Casciano, near Siena, the album celebrates the two musicians’ ever-fruitful artistic bond, and reaches the ears with the usual, crisp freshness.


The opener is “Is This Love” in which, for the first time, the duo tackle Bob Marley’s reggae, totally transforming it into a walking bass format; Bill Withers’ “Ain’t no sunshine” follows, and takes on a whole new shine in Petra and Ferruccio’s version.

The eleven tracks also include more recent songs, such as “Practical Arrangement” by Sting, a “modern classic”, a shining example of sophisticated pop. As always, the work of Italian and international singer-songwriters is also represented, for instance with “Al freddo al freddo” by Vladimir Vysotsky and “Quand il est mort le poète” by Gilbert Bécaud. Among the cover versions of famous songs of the Italian tradition, a standout is “Stessa spiaggia, stesso mare” performed in French and entitled “Tout S’Arrange Quand On S’Aime”, a little gem of a divertissement, full of verve and character. The same may be said of “Un vecchio errore” by Paolo Conte, and “Io sono metà”, a Musica Nuda original that is given a very different take here.

In “Sei forte papà”, Petra and Ferruccio delve emotionally and with a sense of humour into their childhood memories, while “Far niente” by Chico Buarque features Nicola Stilo on guitar and flutes, and offers a reinterpretation of a classic number of the Brazilian songbook.

The album ends with an intense version of Édith Piaf’s “La vie en rose”, into which the duo breathes a second life, with a beautiful vocal performance and a sophisticated arrangement.



1 – Is This Love (B.Marley)

2 – Ain’t No Sunshine (B. Withers)

3 – Practical Arrangement (Sting)

4 - Quand Il Est Mort Le Poète (Becaud)

5 – Tout S’Arrange Quand On S’Aime  (Mogol-Piero Soffici-Testo francese: André Salvet-Claude Carrère) Ed. Peer

6 – Al Freddo al Freddo (Kholoda) (Vladimir Vysotskij Semenovich-Sergio Secondiano Sacchi) Editore originale: © 1993,  Ala Bianca Group Srl

7 – Un vecchio errore  (P. Conte)

8 – Io sono metà (Magoni – Spinetti – Pacifico)

9 – Sei forte papa’ (Stefano Jurgens-Bruno Zambrini)

10 – Far niente (Bom tempo) – (C.Buarque-Bardotti)

11 – La Vie En Rose (Édith Piaf – Louis Gugliemi)

MUSICA NUDA – Petra Magoni and Ferruccio Spinetti release the album “Little Wonder” under the Warner label, on 31 March.


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