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DATE: 28 December 2014
TIME: 20:00
LOCATION: Şişli Cami Kvş, Şişli, Turchia
CRR Concert Hall – ISTANBUL (TURCHIA) 28 December 2014

Petra Magoni
Ferrucio Spinetti

Only two people and too much music!”
Al Jarreau

Sometimes, some things are not just a coincidence. The story of Musica Nuda begins with a coincidence and turns into a big success story. Petra’s guitarist friend was taken ill in 2003, to replace him, Ferruccio shared the stage for the first time in Tuscany. With unexpected success of the foremen, Petra Magoni (vocal) and Ferruccio Spinetti (contrabass), the duo produced “Musica Nuda”, name of their debut album as well. Musica Nuda draws great attention from all over the world, and particularly from Italy for the perfect harmony of vocal and contrabass and for its extraordinary repertoire. Creativity of the duo bears traces from jazz, rock, punk and even minstrel tones. Meaning nude and pure music in Italian, Musica Nuda can be characterised as its name suggests. Boundless music of the duo offers new musical forms in each performance. With its independence, free and brave style, Musica Nuda is a modern adaptation of canto con accompagnamento di bassa continuo (continuous bass that accompanies the vocal), which is musical form from the Renaissance. Up until today, the duo released five albums, which are commercially available. Each album broke sales records. Musica Nuda gave concerts in prominent culture and art centres such as Paris, Tunisia, New York, Toronto, Salzburg the Netherlands, and St.Petersburg. The fans of Musica Nuda already went beyond Italy as it has grown as a successful project around the globe.
Great performance of Petra and Ferruccio is no less than a giant orchestra. Simplicity of their music represents deep love
at times and the past-present and future at others. It is to be remembered at all times that Musica Nuda brings light to today’s world of music as a brand new discovery of the past experiences in musical traditions.


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